Notes and comments to the Moonman story

Gothenburg september 2019-

Moonman was a story I began writing in 2009/2010.

I have recently translated it from swedish.

The swedish version was roundly rejected in 2015 by several publishers. 

It has been cut in half from the original size.

Writing style; First person narrative, occasional stream-of-consciousness meets kamratposten letters. The text is interspersed with quotes and stolen bits from fiction books and music lyrics. 

Plot; A lonely wandering person who questions his existence after breaking up with his partner. He becomes more and more paranoid and psychotic. The city of Gothenburg serves as a back drop. 

It is fictional. However when imagination has failed I have borrowed from my own experience (and others, in the way I have imagined it)) and then shuffled the cards a bit. The main character is not me, if anything it is a deeply vulgarized version, or perhaps it is impossible to write without revealing the specificity of your flaws; the particular psychogeography and climate of your mentality and so on. Most characters are composite figures and they are often portrayed in a one-dimensional fashion as a result of the main character's supremely egotistical perspective.

/ Anders Callenberg

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