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New Release!

Callenberg - Dear Satellite                          26/01/2018

The fifth album by Callenberg.

A completely electronic affair, just a tiny piano somewhere.

The Yamaha CS70M synthesizer is being used on all 12 tracks.

The songs and fragments on this record

are often short wanderings through

domains of electronica, ambient,

drone music and perhaps a bit of post rock.

Not much singing on this one but

a lot of sampled voices from old films

and the NASA archives.

Mixed and mastered by Emil Isaksson at Studio Möllan in Malmö.

Available on spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, Google Play etc .


Callenberg - Bergochdalgatan                    07/04/2017

On this remote place of the internet,

this rarely visited tundra of cyberspace,

we're proud (and slightly embarrased)

to announce yet another lofi/folk/pop/drone-

whatever album by Anders Callenberg.

Here is 10 new songs all with swedish vocals.

Once again the music is mixed and mastered by

Anders Lagerfors at Nacksving studios. Thank you

Available on itunes, spotify, Google Play etc.


Callenberg - Lost in the mail                     04/03/2016

Drone folk musician Callenberg is reoccurring

with a new collection of songs embedded in

a hazy blend of folk, kraut, drones and

space rock.

Influences are ranging from Spacemen 3,

Yo La Tengo to Leonard Cohen and obscure electro

in this peculiar and atmospheric mix of music.


Available on iTunes and Spotify among others.

Callenberg - The Bailout Shop                   29/01/2015

A new album with 12 songs from

lofipop enthusiast, synth fiddler

and "Singer-Sonic" writer

Anders Callenberg comes out

in 2015.

Available on iTunes and Spotify among others.

Callenberg - Pretentious Bastard                   12/10/2012

The first Bend Records release! An album in the


vein. Available on iTunes and spotify among others.


Callenberg - Obie, I hope you're right                 27/03/2014

Single. Electro-banality. 120 bpm. Available on iTunes, spotify and google play

All releases are available on common music streaming services such as Spotify, itunes and Xboxmusic etc