Press quotes for Callenberg - Lost in the Mail

"Another strangely satisfying collection of underground pop tunes from Sweden's Anders Callenberg.

We really liked this fellow's last album (The Bailout Shop) that was released in 2015.

Lost in the Mail is cut from the same fabric but it's even more interesting and rewarding." / Babysue Music reviews

"The music follows a lazy pace, but the pleasant kind, like half-awake summer afternoons. Callenberg is able to fulfill the tricky task of taking simple chords, loops, and verses and creating a genuine complexity."

"This album is not for the light hearted--that is, it is not for those on the fence about this genre. But for those deep within the throes of lofi bedroom folk, this will be a refreshing and skilled addition to your collection." / KAMP Arizona Student radio

"I can’t help but find this second release from Swedish singer-songwriter Anders Callenberg very appealing.

Is it his easy voice? Is it the acoustic guitars and harmonica? Or maybe it’s the gentle electronic beats."

/ KFJC 89.7 FM radio

Press quotes for Callenberg - Dear Satellite

"Lovers of legendary vintage synths will be delighted while listening to this nice output by Anders Callenberg (signing his releases by his surname only), a Swedish drone-folk producer and songwriter, who left microphone and guitar aside for the making of "Dear Satellite" in order to forge twelve nice electronic tracks. To do that, he mainly used a glorious member of the huge Yamaha family of CS synths, the CS70M, the one who immediately preceded the notorious CS80." / Chain D.L.K

"On the first spin, we were immediately reminded of Kraftwerk. Callenberg is a true underground artist. This talented fellow seems focused on composing and recording credible music, with the main focus on songs and lyrics. Dear Satellite will be immediately embraced by just about anyone who loves and appreciates early electronic bands." / Babysue Music Reviews

Press quotes for Callenberg - The Bailout Shop

"Eclectic Swedish musician/songwriter Anders Callenberg has found intriguing ways to make the bizarre refreshing with his sophomore effort" 

"There is easily enough innovation intertwined with the more obvious influences to catch the ears of any electronic music fan."

/ Music Morsels Reviews

"I would argue Callenberg's stuff has a beachy, farm-y feeling (if that is such a thing), meaning it is very lax and filled with continuous sounds that just lull the listener"

/ KAMP Arizona Student radio

" In fairness, Callenberg can pen a nifty tune and ‘The Bailout Shop’ has no shortage of whimsical pop moments."

/ Whisperinandhollerin CD reviews 

"There are definite melodies and lyrics, to be certain...but they're delivered with an almost purposeful disregard for perfection. And that's probably what we like best about this album. Unlike so many modern musicians, Anders isn't trying too hard. This strangely talented man just lets his music speak for itself." 

/Babysue Music reviews

6 stars out of 10. In german!