Some random texts written by Anders Callenberg

Twin Atlas - Big Spring 
- A short text about the album Big Spring. 

Fatherhood by Baby Bird
- A psycho-poetic journey through every song on the album "Fatherhood" by Stephen Jones, a k a Baby Bird. 

Moonman (will be back shortly) 
- A stranded unfinished novel project about a dreamer wandering the streets of Gothenburg after breaking up with his girlfriend.   

The naked man and other vignettes
- Fragments of thought and broken aphorisms about boredom, depression, anxiety, philosophy and life in general. Written by fictional character BA Cottonmouth Fermer. Sort of an E.M Cioran pastiche.

Notes and comments to the Moonman story
- Just a few words on how and when.

Lost in relativist jungle, part 1
- A trial- and error essay about truth, language and love. Very unfinished :)

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